Tuna Sinks Boat while Dragging Fisherman Into Water

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For every moment and photo that’s taken of a large tuna and the lucky fisherman that caught it, there’s definitely more battles where the fish beat the fisherman. There’s also epic battles where Tuna Sinks Boat and drags the fisherman into sea. This is a story of a 54-year-old Anthony Wichman who bagged a 230-pound tuna after it capsized his 14ft boat in Hawaii. The Tuna Sinks Boat, literally!

Anthony Wichman was fishing off the coast of Kauai over the weekend when a 230-pound Tuna Sinks his boat and dragged him into the cold sea.

Anthony Wichman was on his 14-foot boat when he hooked the massive tuna  fish. He nearly got the fish on board but after sticking the tuna with a gaffe the tuna dove back into the sea and dragged Anthony Wichman with it.

Anthony Wichman’s daughter said that the line wrapped around her father’s leg and dragged him into the sea. The tuna also managed to capsize the 14ft  boat as it pulled Wichman out into the water.

He gaffed it once in the back, and the second gaffe went straight into the fish’s eye and that caused the fish to take a final dive. And he dove straight down, and the line wrapped around Anthony Wichman’s ankle and quickly pulled him overboard

Thankfully, Wichman was able to make a brief phone call to his daughter. The Coast Guard was then able to use his GPS signal to track him down and pull him into the water.

Wichman suffered a few bruises and a little rope burn from the incident but managed to escape largely unscathed. Oh, he also wound up catching the fish. A few of his friends went out to tow his boat back home when they found the tuna still hooked to the boat

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