Yellowtail, Yellowfin, and BlueFin Tuna Action All Around

by on July 23, 2013

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Fishing is always filled with surprises and this year is no exception. The weather out in sea has been unpredictable. Summer started just a few weeks ago but the fishing experience reminds us of fall fishing. The waters also been choppy and with those familiar with El Nino, sort of the same conditions. The band of anomalously warm ocean water has been producing quality tuna in the overnight and 1.5 day trips.

This past weekend was great for a bunch of fisherman that got out in the San Diego waters. The Grande Lake Pacific offshore reports limits of yellowtail on the right stringer of kelps during the morning feeding. They just slid on a school of bluefin tuna producing grades of 25-40 pound tuna.

The Pacific Queen had some great fishing this morning as they are limited out on the yellowtail for the 2nd consecutive day. They were also able to deck 10 of those nice bluefin tunas in the 25-45lb grade.

The Royal Polaris limits out on Bluefin tuna. During the weekend they made it to their destination in the early morning hours and soon after they were hooking up left and right. The first hookup was at 5:00 hours and they stayed on the drift and fishing until 17:00 hours. Most of the Bluefin were in the 25 to 40 pound range, with a few larger ones. The Royal Polaris also caught 2 Dorado and 2 big Yellowtails. The Royal Polaris caught more Yellowtail, but they were released back to the ocean.

Out of Seaforth Landing we had the Pacific Star checking in with nice overnight fishing. The Pacific Star came in with 1 dorado, 21 bluefin, and 32 yellowtail.The Pride charter boat with only 16 anglers brought in 3 dorado, 11 bluefin, and 80 yellowtail. The Tribute charter boat on a 1.5 day trip picked away at 55 yellows, 3 bluefin and 1 dorado.

Fishing is excellent and with the action this early in the season, it sure is looking promising. Time to get on out there. For special booking rates, please contact us at

Here’s a few wrapup photos from this past weekend.

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