Cabo San Lucas Marlin Fishing with RedRum Sportfishing

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
t/ f: ( 011- 52) 624- 172- 0085
USA: 760- 481- 7667

Team WideOpenFish was out in the waters of Cabo San Lucas over the weekend. As far as fishing goes, it was a bit different for us because we were on vacation this time and not working the waters. We still managed to take some photos and videos of our trip. There are many charters and boats out there but if your looking for a full packaged trip, including lunches, fishing cleaning, and even the packaging of your fish, RedRum Sportfishing is where you need to go. They have an experienced crew that will put you on the fish. So if you haven’t fished out of Cabo San Lucas, here’s what to expect on your trip.

The morning of your charter we met at the RedRum office located on the marina around 6:30 a.m. We were greeted and checked in. We also got our Mexican fishing license and had any last minute questions answered.

While we were checking in, the crew stocked our boat with your lunches, water and ice. After check-in, we had a few free minutes to grab a coffee and any additional snacks or drinks that we wanted on the water. Once the boat was ready, we were introduced to the crew and led to our beautiful sportfisher.

The final stop before we head to the fishing grounds is to get bait. We got bait from the local fisherman. Included in our charter is 10 live bait. At times the quality or quantity of bait is unpredictable. If you would like more bait, you could purchase more at $3 per piece.

As we had a larger crew of 10, we had two 35′ boats, the Marlin Queen and Big Papi to cover more fishing grounds. The fishing was nothing short of luxury. The boat was loaded with a full stereo sound system as well as air conditioning.

The experienced captain and deckhand rigged everything up and had us trolling with 5 rods immediately. We got hit with 2 marlins but only landed 1. We also got a Yellowfin Tuna, 6 Dorados, and 2 Fat Bonitos.

Overall it was a great experience and really something a bit different from our usual fishing trip. All you had to do is show up and sit on the captains chair for your hookup and everything was history.

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