Exotics are Spotted in Local Waters, El Nino 2014

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el nino yellowtail fishingOver the past few years, fishing has been mediocre in Southern California but all thats about to change as forecaster’s have been predicing moderate El Nino. As our water temperatures rise, so does the appearance of exotic fishes.

Yellowfin Tuna

The Yellowfin Tuna, often found during the late summers off the waters of San Diego, CA and Mexico is one of the most prized pelagic fishes rarely caught in local waters above Baja. However signs of El Nino are revelant as they are being caught just 50 miles south of San Diego. The surface temperature is as high as 75 degress off Southern California.

Mahi Mahi or Dorado

One of the most beautiful and desired game fish, like the Yellowfin Tuna, are commonly just found near Baja. Local boats from San Diego all the way up to Newport Beach are beginging to see these fish on the surface of kelp paddies.

Striped Marlin

Catching a Marlin is the pinnacle of sportfishing. It’s not an unusual catch in the late summer and early fall off Southern California and Mexico. However it’s extremely rare for sightings north of Los Angeles county. During El Nino years, the warm waters lure the exotic marlin north of their range and is very catchable. Keep an eye out for these.

As of right now, San diego boats are extremely hot on the bite. Anglers aren’t needing to travel far distances to hop on a charter to fish. 3/4 day trips from H&M Landing, Fisherman’s Landing, and Seaforth have produced stellar Yellowtail and Tuna Fishing. Many of these boats are not traveling far to find the kelp paddies, leaving fisherman with plenty of time to load up on these exotics.

Captain Todd Myer aboard the Voyager (Seaforth Landing) has called in from a one and one half day with 100 bluefin and 100 yellowfin tuna.

Captain Mike Pritchard aboard the Tribute (Seaforth Landing) also on a day and a half has called in with 60 yellowfin tuna and 60 yellowtail

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