The Southern Country Girl of your Dreams

There’s nothing more charming and attractive than a Southern Country Girl who uses the word ”y’all”, whose dream car is a Black on Black Chevy 2500 Extended Cab Truck & probably can teach you a thing or two about bowfishing and fishing in general.  We first learned of Brooke when we saw one of her fishing videos on Facebook. The Florida native loves fishing where she enters tournaments, works as a spokes model and of course stole the hearts of many! We had the chance to find out more about Brooke where you can see she’s that missing piece that many of us city boys don’t find too often in Sunny California. It’s our pleasure to introduce to you Brooke Thomas, our first of many to come features on WideOpenFish.com. Special thanks to Brooke for taking the time!

Name:   Brooke Thomas
Hometown:  Apopka, Florida
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Birthday:   November 1
Measurements:  32B/22/32
Facebook:   www.facebook.com/BrookeMThomas

When growing up as a kid, what did u want to be when u grew up?
When I was a kid I wanted to be everything from a Vet to a Gator Wrestler at Gatorland… I wanted to ride in the rodeo and travel the country. I mean, I was a kid so it changed every day! …

How did you get your start modeling?
I started when I went to a local photoshoot with a friend and everyone was like “Hey Brooke you should do it” … I don’t really know how it all started because I’ve always been one of the boys and not very “girly”… I ended doing some photoshoots and it all grew from there!

Has a fan ever recognized you in the streets? How was that experience?
Okay first of all, I don’t really call anyone a “fan” … I just do what I do and a lot of people around where I live recognize me. But… I will say that it gets weird when people you don’t know in other cities seem to know all about you and expect you to know them too. I was in Georgia once and some random guy walked up to me and was like “Brooke Thomas??!” and I thought he worked at the airport but as it turned out he had seen me at a few events I’d worked and followed my Facebook page. He turned out to be pretty cool.

How did you get involved with the fishing industry?
Oh I’ve always loved to fish. Since before I can remember my grandpa always took me and my brothers out on Juniper Springs or the St. Johns river. I caught everything from Brim to Bass with him. He also took us to Costa Rica a couple times when he had a house down there and we went sail fishing which was a blast. I have always loved the water, it’s where I’m happiest and where I belong. There is NOTHING like being out on the lake all day and landing that big one. I love bass fishing because of the challenge but honestly I just love to fish. Anything. Everywhere. Someday I want to have the opportunity to try all kinds of fishing, travel the country, fish Bassmasters.

What kind of fishing poles gear do you own? Favorite Brand?
My favorite pole are my yellow spinning Skeet Reese rods. I have an obsession with yellow.. but it’s a really good pole too. I also like Ugly Sticks or Shimano. It just depends what kind of fishing I’m doing and what reel I want to use. I use to love baitcasters but I’ve started to use my open face reels a lot more lately.

What’s the biggest or most unique fishing story you have?
How could I pick just one? They are all pretty crazy but I can honestly say the craziest story I have is when I was bowfishing and it was about 2AM and about 40 degrees and you know in Florida that’s pretty much inclement weather ;) … I hadn’t really shot anything all night but I saw something that looked like a Gar dart under the boat so I ran and took and shot at it thinking that I’d miss.. but I started reeling it in and realized I’d shot a Anhinga and literally the guy I was fishing with almost threw me overboard and left my body for all the gators when he saw it. It was a mistake but I sure learned to look a little closer before taking a shot!

We see that you fish in bikinis… Is it difficult? Safety Issues? Have you ever been hooked before?  ;)
I live in Florida… that about sums it up. It’s so hot here not to mention the humidity. Fishing fully clothed is actually uncommon down here.. unless you’re fishing a tournament; everyone’s half naked. I grew up fishing in swimsuits … I never knew that people thought that was strange until recently haha!

What’s the best fishing trip you’ve ever been on?
Every. Single. One.

What was the first fish you ever caught?
A minnow

Do you drink? What your favorite drink when u having fun in the club?
Okay… I hate clubs. Hate them…. but you will find me drinking a few beers at bars everyone once in while. I love the conversation and funny people you meet at bars.. not the meat market clubs that everyone seems to love these days. I like to be able to hear what people are saying or hear their stories. Not get macked on by Jersey Shore looking meatheads but that’s a whole other topic HAHA

What’s the worst pick line a guy has told you?
Let’s just say I’ve never heard a good one.

What 5 words best describe you?
Stubborn, funny, hard-headed, loyal, real

What type of guys do you like?
Well, I only like one type of guy. I am the pickiest person you will ever meet. I like a guy who is funny and as immature as I am. A country boy who drives a Chevy. Can’t wear tight shirts or go to clubs, and has to love fishing. I like the guy who takes me fishing on the weekends and someone I can talk to about anything. Someone I can eat hot wings and drink beer with and go on adventures with. Someone who doesn’t value money but sees the value in things money can’t buy. Physically, I love big smiles, flippy brown hair and I hate muscles or gym rats. I hate guys who flaunt money, drive sports cars, wear tight shirts, go tanning, watch what they eat, dieters, shave their heads or shave their arms.

What are your turn-offs?
Muscles, shaved heads, Fords, meatheads, city boys, gym rats, tanners, club rats, sushi eaters

What are you turn-ons?

Big smiles, flippy brown hair, Chevys, fishing, fishing, and MORE fishing

What are 5 things you can’t live without?
My pole, my other pole, my dog and ranch dressing haha

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Buy my dream truck- Black on black Chevy 2500 extended cab, 6 inch lift and on 22′s with mean ass rims and a little house on a lake far out in the country.

If you were a superhero, what would be your super power? What would you do with it?
Mind reader, read minds duh haha

What has been the most embarrassing moment of your life?
Too many to name!

Tell me an interesting fact that no one would know about you?
I’m celibate. Although a lot of people know that.

Fredricks or Victorias?
Victorias Secret!

What’s your favorite type of music:

Any new projects in the works?
Yeah quite a few actually. Shooting Bikini Bowfishing 2 this summer and also working on my new website.

Any last words?
Go big or go home :)

Here’s that video we were talking about. Maybe the song is just perfect but I think we can all agree that Brooke stole a few hearts with this video. Deam on Fellas!

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